Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today I played golf with Tom Brady

Not really, but I played the same course as him hours later.

After my sister's graduation I went to Belmont Country Club with my grandparents to play a few holes before it got dark. The guys in the clubhouse told us that Brady and Pats owner Bob Kraft (a member of the club) played there this morning.

I talked to the kid that caddied him. He was about as enthusiastic as you get when your history teacher assigns you an 8-page single-spaced research paper, no Wikipedia allowed. I, of course (like any other rational New Englander) would have nearly shit myself. Imagine: "Uhh, Tom, I'd go with the eight, it's a little uphill."

The kid did say that Brady's a cool, down to earth guy and they had some good laughs on the course. The pro told me that he drives a completely black tinted Lexus so no one can go Princess Diana on his ass cruisin' down the Pike.

And, you can take a deep breath, he was wearing his brace on that oh-so-famous left knee.

He was playing out of an eight handicap, but the kid said he's more like a three or a four. But he was pushing everything to the right today. Apparently he didn't bring his "2007 regular season" game. More like his "Super Bowl XLII" game.

Quite frankly, as long as he's back in the shotgun come September, I don't care if he doesn't break 90 all summer.

Thought you'd enjoy the update.

(And for the record, that's not my photo; I stole it off Google images)

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