Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week 6 Picks

Last Week: 6-8

Overall: 42-29-3

Simmons Last Week: 9-5

Simmons Overall: 40-33-3

Simmons smoked me last week, but I still hold a three-game edge heading into Week 6. I didn't have time this week to write out a column, but I did email myself picks on Friday so I could post them late today, Sunday. Right now, the late games are in the second half, so I'll write what I was thinking (if anything) when I made them, then what actually happened in the games that are finished in italics.

Chargers -8 RAMS (L) -- Rams suck; Chargers don't. Uhh, turns out the opposite is true.

Chiefs +4.5 TEXANS (W) -- Part of me thinks this is a sucker bet; the other part thinks the Chiefs are for real. I'll go with the latter half. Thank god for that half-point.

PATRIOTS -2.5 Ravens (W) -- Never bet against Bill Belichick after a bye. Uhh thanks for the half-point. Again.

Saints -4 BUCCANEERS (W) -- The Saints have to click at some point, right? Yup.

EAGLES -2.5 Falcons (W) -- Kevin Kolb is better than he's getting credit for. Man, he has something to prove. Yup again.

GIANTS -10 Lions (L) -- Lions haven't won a road game since the Red Sox won the World Series in 2007. Yes, that's a fact, brought to you by none other than Jeremy Hyman. What a second half for Calvin Johnson. Lions cover, but still a goose egg since '07.

BEARS -6 Seahawks (L) -- NFC West teams can't win on the road out of the division. Uhh, yes they can.

PACKERS -3 Dolphins (L) --Packers don't lose at home, as long as A-Rod's healthy. Apparently they do.

STEELERS -13.5 Browns (W) -- Prediction: 38-3. Close enough.

Jets -3 BRONCOS -- You know I love home teams against teams on short weeks. Maybe if I pick the Jets and use reverse psychology, it will actually happen. Nah, I just think the Jets are that good.

Raiders +6.5 49ERS -- Have you ever seen an 0-5 team favored by 6.5 points? Ever?

Cowboys +1.5 VIKINGS -- Favre's toast.

Colts -3 REDSKINS -- Am I really supposed to bet against Peyton on primetime? Really?

Titans -2.5 JAGUARS -- I also love home teams +2.5. But I think I love Chris Johnson a bit more.

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